Best of Zimbabwe
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Welcome to the Best of Zimbabwe

Gordn Addams

Best of Zimbabwe
is a collection of some of the best hospitality operations in Zimbabwe, linked to ensure that guests can enjoy access to some of the finest properties offering value for money. All of them offer discounts to InnSider Card holders, and all of them recognise the need to work together in the best interests of the establishments themselves, as well as of the travelling public.

This referral website introduces to you all of the partners in this grouping and allows you to find out for yourself what they offer and what benefits they can offer you, your businesses and your families. Membership of Best of Zimbabwe is given to those organisations who recognise that guests expect high standards of service, cuisine and accommodation and who operate at or near destinations of choice for travellers, whether holidaymakers, conference delegates or business people. Despite the many differences between them, their common offering is value for money!

Across Zimbabwe, they are there for you and we invite you to sample and enjoy these fine establishments and all that they offer to you.

Gordon Addams